Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jonas Fernando Pires coming to Pavilion in June

Pavilion is very excited to continue its dialogue with contemporary French design and welcomes Jonas Fernando Pires in June. 

Born in Paris in 1987, Jonas Fernando Pires quickly showed a particular attraction for architecture. He produced his first works at the age of 20 years and created a collection of furniture.

Material predilections of the artist are steel and concrete. His work is clean, inspired by minimalism. Architects Tadao Ando and Mies van der Rohe are his references but Jonas Fernando Pires creative language is, creative freedom, the rule quality, enrolling in a traditional sense.

His latest creations are centered around the idea of ​​mood lighting, with amazing works where he revisits spaces with shadow and light.

Recently he has presented at 2013 Maison Objet, L'Eclaireur, Vip Room Paris, Cannes, and Salone di Mobile 2013, Milan.

His first exhibition in the United States will be  with the French Design Connection hosted by the Chambers Hotel in NYC during ICFF and at Pavilion in Chicago in June.  
His gallery in Paris is on rue de Verneuil.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fraser Taylor Paintings Now Showing at Pavilion
oil and collage on canvas

Mass 2004 36 x 36 

Untitled 2005 36 x 36

Untitled 2005 36 x 36
Born in the UK in 1960. Fraser Taylor is an interdisciplinary artist who works with a range of media including, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and animation. After receiving his bachelor of art in printed textiles from Glasgow School of Art, Taylor went on to complete his masters in fine art at the Royal Collage of Art, London. In 1983 he co-founded ‘The Cloth’, a collaborative studio, established to enable artists to move freely between fine art and design projects. The Cloth designed numerous textile collections, which were manufactured in Tokyo, Milan, Paris, London, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Cloth’ disbanded in 1988 to allow each artist to pursue individual direction. Since 1983, Taylor has exhibited internationally; venues include, Jill George Gallery and StART Space, London; Mackintosh Museum, Glasgow; Gallery Boards, Paris; Galeria Jorge Alcolea, Madrid; Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney. From 1996 to 2001, he was the assistant curator of ‘Japanese and British Art Now’, an exchange program established to provide a curriculum of exhibitions and workshops, encouraging discourses between artists working in London and Tokyo. This enabled Taylor to participate in-group and solo exhibitions, at Axis Gallery, Gallery Aoyama, Sigacho Bis and SPICA Art, in Tokyo. Since 1983 he has lectured at fine art and design schools including Goldsmiths College University of London, Central St Martins the London Institute, The Royal College of Art and Glasgow School of Art. In 1999 Taylor was invited to take part in a summer program, 'London in Chicago’ at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, which led to his appointment as Visiting Artist, in the Department of Fiber and Material Studies in 2001. Subsequently Taylor began to exhibit in the US. Venues include, Thomas McCormick Gallery, Bucket Rider Gallery, Alfedena Gallery, mn Gallery, Evanston Arts Center, Hyde Park Art Center, Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Sybaris Gallery, Linda Ross Contemporary and Aurobora Press. Taylor currently lives and works in Chicago.
HIs latest collaboration was "Interface" at the Baryshnikov Arts Center 
March 2013
‘Interface,’ at the Baryshnikov Arts Center