Monday, September 19, 2011

Perception Park Objects Collection from Paris Now at Pavilion

perception park is about talking,
about objects, about art, about listening, about watching, 
about projects, about design, about sight, about ideas, 
about materials, about experience, about opening, 
about meeting, about sensation, about perception

                                          ceramic tea light holder

                                                       ceramic iliac bone

                                                       ceramic sacrum dish

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Michael Verheyden at Pavilion

Michael Verheyden Leather Home Collection Preview at Pavilion
Michaël Verheyden (1978) is a Belgium based designer. Passionate about rock music, but probably also inspired by silence, he creates fashion accessories and home objects. 
Apart from his quest for good quality fabrics, Michaël Verheyden puts a lot of time into finding new ways to construct things. He always tries to combine innovation, craftsmanship and quality into clean-cut, purified designs.
Other home object designs coming also.
Leather Scarf
Leather Jewelry Box

Leather Tissue box Cover
Leather Jewelry Box

Leather Covered "O" Mirror
Winner of 2011 Wallpaper Design Award