Friday, July 17, 2009

i was in paris a few weeks ago on a small buying trip, and as always my eyes are open to something new in paris. after visiting the black store by comme des garcons i was just walking in the marais and happened upon an artist about to open at a new design galerie i had not previously known, but of course it had just opened a few months ago. isabelle mesnil and her next level galerie. i enjoyed some lovely swiss bubbly wine and talked with the artist nicolas le moigne and isabelle about the vision of the galerie and his work. visit the site for more information and perhaps visit it the next time you are in paris.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Roger Tallon Module 400

roger tallon exhibited his work M400 series in Paris in 1965 at galerie lacloche along with other artsits, philippe hilquily, pol bury, miguel berrocal, marie-claude de fouquieres, arman, rancillac, and philolaos. he is also widely known as the industrial designer whom designed the TGV and ancillary signage for the metro system of paris. of course one must not forget his famous watches. tallon's M400 series was also used in the incredible 1968c french film directed by Jacques Deray "La Piscine" with alain delon and romy schneider and a very young jane berkin. an incredible film with fabulous french and italian furniture and art.
chair available at pavilion

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yonel Lebovici

"In enlarging everyday objects and highlighting their smallest detail.... vital parts of our everyday lives." Yonel Lebovici
available at pavilion
In nickel chrome. 1969.
Edition Distrimex
500 examples produced
In the permanent collection of Musee Lebovici 15 square de Vergennes 75015 Paris.

rick owens curial chair

Watch this video to understand Rick Owens view of his furniture.

We have this Curial Chair in the gallery now. Numbered 17/25.

It is a beautiful sculpture as is his fashion, stores in NYC, London, Paris.

Rick Owens, fashion designer came to Paris in 2003 to create for Revillon. After opening his own creative house he began a collection of furniture to suit his aesthetic for his own home. Owens has said that he " tries to make clothes like Lou Reed makes music, minimal chord changes and direct" Raw and refined, like art and architecture.

Influenced by Le Corbusier and Brancusi.

rick owens curial chair and his collection is featured on dezeen: so follow this link.

available at pavilion in chicago