Friday, July 20, 2012


pavilion proudly presents

fferrone design lift table now at pavilion
transform your table landscape 
brushed waxed copper
100% handmade in chicago
6" h x 12 " diameter

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Save the Date
June 19, 2012
Opening at Pavilion

Steven Haulenbeek
"Little Bastards"

Regina Deluise
Photographs From the Field

Stephen Mickey
Anagama Wood Fired Tea Bowls

Lonney White at Pavilion
Black Encaustic with Metal Alloy Spill
5' 7" x 5'7"

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pavilion 20th c is proud to extend the show
Thaddeus Wolfe: ASSEMBLAGE
curated by Volume Gallery of Chicago

In his first solo exhibition in Chicago, ASSEMBLAGE showcases Wolfe's unique works in glass created through a specialized technique, inspired by mineral and crystalline formations.

The ASSEMBLAGE series, Wolfe provides a distinct aesthetic link between the state of minerals and observing them in their relation to modernist sculpture and architecture. The angular sides of Wolfe?s creations have the appearance of naturally occurring circumstances of cubic crystallization but represent the careful curation of form.

Originally intending to generate the surfaces of pyrite rendered in glass, Wolfe devised his own system for synthesizing the naturally occurring form. The forms are first constructed in wax, clay and foam. The initial form is then dug out of the mold leaving a cavity into which the glass will be blown. The piece is then cooled slowly in a kiln, and when at room temperature the mold is cut away and discarded. The resulting glass form is then cleaned, cut and polished, using diamond tools. This type of fabrication makes each vessel a unique form.

The process of building up and breaking down can be seen in the erosive qualities that are evident in each finished piece. At first glance the collection of pieces in ASSEMBLAGE reflect a material driven exploration in fabrication to mimic natural phenomenon, however the results are greater than the sum of their parts. Wolfe?s creations have a stunning visual complexity combined with an organic subtleness.

Thaddeus Wolfe:
Thaddeus Wolfe (b.1979) studied art and design with a focus in glass at the The Cleveland Institute of Art where he received a BFA in 2002. He has held artist residencies at Pilchuck Glass School, The Creative Glass Center of America in New Jersey and the Tacoma Glass Museum. His work has been exhibited in various group shows in New York at Heller Gallery, Matter and Still House. Thaddeus lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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