Monday, October 12, 2009

rowan mersh textile sculpture and couture accessories

another of the exciting designers pavilion has discovered recently and is showing is rowan mersh and his couture accessories. his work as a sculptor is to be explored.

Rowan Mersh is a textile based sculptor who explores form and fuses design with technique, emphasizing experimentation as the focus of his practice. Mersh is a celebrated graduate of the Royal College of Art, the first to win the Mercury Art Prize, profiled in design magazines and featured on the cover of an acclaimed author’s book Fashioning Fabrics, which examined his work alongside fashion icons Issey Miyake, Hussein Chalayan to mention but a few. Mersh’s work is process oriented, the work reveals itself within his practice, as it takes form and shape depending on the emphasis and materials. Mersh ‘s work has already been acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum for the permanent collection and has been exhibited internationally in galleries and independent spaces.

Mersh has developed a unique aesthetic, which is at once obvious upon encounter of his various larger and smaller sculptural forms whether it be in fashion, photography, textile, sculpture or any other experimental agenda in which he embark.

The V&A recently acquired CD Vinyl Sculpture Part 2 by Rowan Mersh who is one of the most prolific and talented young artists to emerge from the RCA.Mersh is fascinated by manipulation of fabrics especially knitted stretched jersey, trapping objects as diverse as cds, records and even cocktail sticks within the fabric to create amazing sculptural forms.......His constant experimentation results in some of the most innovative and exciting textiles being produced today.

Sue Pritchard, curator contemporary textiles V&A.

to read more about rowan mersh

he is also represented in london by gallery fumi

see this link for london design week installation at gallery fumi

Friday, October 9, 2009

news at pavilion aldo bakker

water carafe by aldo bakker

For the past 12 years, Pavilion’s vision has been the exploration and discovery of great European vintage design and bringing the work of well know International designers and artists such as Boyer, Mangiarotti, Jouve, Vautrin, Ramsay, and Jansen to Chicago.

Pavilion announces the expansion of this vision to include new design objects and accessories by innovative artists and designers from Europe and the United States.

During the last 6 months while traveling to France to buy great vintage furnishings, we have discovered several artists that we are presenting exclusively in Chicago and the United States for the first time starting November 27, 2009.

Pavilion has always presented products of exclusivity and character. With these same critical guidelines, we have chosen select pieces by emerging and established designers and artists. The unifying factor is a strong aesthetic vision, innovative use of materials, and high quality of craftsmanship, as well as, for original concepts, whimsy, and pristine execution. Some of the collections will be limited edition, while others will be an ongoing addition to Pavilion 20th century.

One of the designers we are most excited about is aldo bakker, son of gils bakker a co founder of droog design. his collection of amazing sculptural and exquisite ceramics will be the first collection to arrive.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

we have been following the creations of various members of the object design league for the last year plus selling the skin bud vases by the mighty bear cats, members of the league very swiftly, we are very excited to be hosting a pop up store black friday, nov 27,2009. read more
this is the official call for entries so if any of you readers are qualified read on. we will post reminders and updates as the time nears.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

l'eclaireur reopens in paris with design by arne quinze

l'eclaireur in paris has reopened with the design by arne quinze. This is unique and not about commercialism, it is about taking a new turn, relooking, and following a vision.
follow the link to read the entire article at www., a comprehensive design blog.